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The Laundry Care Connection (LCC) is an online tool designed for YOU! You’ll find a wealth of valuable resources to achieve the success you desire. Use the LCC to learn the common practices of your fellow Laundry Care Providers.


Packed with Info, Tips, Tools & Resources

Provider 101

Learn the ins and outs of Laundry Care services, prices and how the entire process works from pickup to drop off and beyond.


Your Work Desk 

Learn about your online Work Desk including how to access it, how to use it and how to submit daily Service Tickets.


Client Care

Learn everything you need to know about providing the HIGH-QUALITY service Laundry Care is known for.



Learn how to CONNECT with potential clients through guided marketing activities. Create a marketing plan that works for you.



Current Laundry Care Providers share their favorite laundry tips & tricks, and first-hand marketing advice.


Resource Center 

Find, view, download and print ads, flyers, email templates and sample scripts, as well as other helpful resources.


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