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Talk About Laundry Care

Simply talking about what you do spreads the word about Laundry Care and helps reach potential clients. This is one of the easiest ways to build clientele. Take a moment to think about where you went and who you had contact with today, yesterday, last week- neighbors, your church group, fellow PTA members, your hair stylist, yoga group, personal trainer, dog groomer, etc.

Each and every person you see and meet in the hustle and bustle of regular, everyday life is a perfect OPPORTUNITY to network and extend your client base. It seems like an obvious way to market your business, but it’s easily forgotten and often overlooked.

1. KEEP IT CASUAL Talking to someone about Laundry Care doesn’t have to be a scripted sales pitch, and in most cases, it shouldn’t be! Approach it as a casual conversation by describing what you do and who it benefits. Think about how many times someone has asked you "WHAT DO YOU DO?" Saying something such as, “I’m great! I’ve recently started offering laundry service. I help people free up time by doing their laundry.” Simple as that! You'd be surprised how intriguing this can be to others. 2. BRING IT UP IN CONVERSATION There are usually several opportunities in any conversation to talk about what you do. In fact, most people ask you this upon meeting you: “What do you do for work?” If you’re talking to someone you’ve met before, you can bring it up casually: “How was your weekend? I had to do some errands and a pick-up for a new laundry client”. 3. TALK ABOUT HOW YOU HELP Laundry is a fact of life for anyone and everyone who wears clothes. And there are plenty of people who don't have the time, energy or ability to keep up with it. Talk about how your service helps those people. For example: “I help college students who are notorious for letting the laundry pile up. It gives their moms peace of mind knowing they’re not running around campus in swim trunks.” OR “Massage therapists use my service a lot - you wouldn’t believe how many sheets and towels they accumulate in a single day.” 4. ASK FOR THEIR SUPPORT Some people you talk to may not need your service now, but they may know someone else that does! Again, keep it casual. “If you know anyone that could use my service please let me know.” OR “Would it be okay if I put a flyer up in your break room at work?” Most people enjoy supporting and helping others, so don’t feel shy about asking.

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