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Seek Potential Commercial Clients: Part 2

Want to know the key to growing commercial clientele? It’s all in the FOLLOW-UP! Following up with commercial clients you’ve already contacted is an incredibly successful way to gain their business. But how long should you wait before your follow-up ? And what should you say? Usually, the best method for following up is in person. If it’s not possible to stop by again or talk face-to-face, give them a phone call. YOU CAN DO IT! If you feel uncomfortable with following up just remember the value you are offering them. Remember to relax! You don't need to be a salesperson. You’re not SELLING them anything. Instead, you are offering them an opportunity to save time and/or money and receive great quality laundry service. Your service is valuable and helpful. Keep this in mind when you’re talking with potential clients.

Follow-up PROMPTLY

Following up with potential clients within 2-5 days of your initial contact will make a great impression and show potential clients your commitment to providing great service.

Remind them WHO YOU ARE Be polite and professional. Do NOT assume they remember your name or Laundry Care or even that you provide laundry service in general. Make the conversation more convertible and easy by reminding them! For example... “Hello [Contact Name], this is [your full name] from Laundry Care. I stopped by/called your office a yesterday to discuss your office's/ company's laundry needs. Do you have a minute to talk?…" Refer to PREVIOUS CONVERSATION Did you take any notes from your last conversation(s)? Be specific and reference details from what you've already talked about. This shows that their business is important to you. “We talked about your office's/ company's Laundry needs. you mentioned…. A.) "you and your employees do the laundry in-house and are looking for a better, more efficient solution," - OR - B.) "you have laundry service with another company and are looking for a higher quality, more cost-effective option." Tell them WHY THEY SHOULD What's so great about Laundry Care? Why should they become a client? Know how to answer these questions. Remember to leave a COMMERCIAL rack card and your business card. Whatever their current laundry situation may be, they might need you later on and they'll know how to contact you! While you may think you’ve clearly implied that you want their business, simply asking them to give Laundry Care a try can make all the difference. Don’t skip the most important step! You could close your conversation by asking…

"Does this seem to be the kind of solution you are looking for?" - OR - "Can I talk to my sales team and give you a quote?"

Then, contact the Sales Team ( to help develop a custom quote!

MAKE IT PART OF YOUR ROUTINE Make following up a part of your routine with potential business clients. Having solid follow-up strategies and tactics will help distinguish your city's Laundry Care branch from local competitors. This gives a distinctive edge. Make the most of your follow ups and watch clientele...and income, grow.

Printable Sample Script

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