Seek Potential Commercial Clients: Part 1

Most of Laundry Care’s competitors in the commercial laundry market require long term contracts...some have terms of FIVE or MORE YEARS! Laundry Care doesn’t require any long-term contracts and won't charge additional fees. That’s what many business owners and managers love most about us.

Do you see the value of local commercial accounts? Ready to seek these accounts out and add them to your client list? Here's how to get started.


Search "Massage Therapists near me." You can repeat this same search for chiropractors, dentists, spas, salons, as well as short-term and long-term rental properties.


Grab a stack of rack cards and business cards, get in the car and go. You CAN do it! Drop by several businesses in your service area. Go in and introduce yourself...

"Hi! My name is _____. I work with a company called Laundry Care right here in the [YOUR LOCATION] area and wanted to give you my info in case you wanted to outsource your laundry. Our service includes FREE pickup and delivery with no long-term commitment..."


Leave a rack card and your business card - even if they already do laundry in-house or use a competitor's service. They might need you later on and they'll know how to sign up!


Commercial Rack Cards are available to order on Laundry Care's Vistaprint ProShop. Click the button below to go to the ProShop.

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