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Post in Local Facebook Groups

Facebook groups offer an easy, highly effective way to connect with locals looking for laundry service. By meeting people on a social platform they’re already using, you’re able to create high levels of engagement.

The beauty of groups is that they require very little time and you can participate when it’s convenient for you. Follow these tips to get started:

1. JOIN THE RIGHT GROUPS With millions of active groups on Facebook, there truly is a group for every interest. If you’re looking for networking, you can track down groups within your industry to connect with your peers and prospective customers. Most providers find groups centered around parenting as a good place to start. You may also look for local garage sale, buy/sell/trade and neighborhood 411 groups to join. Facebook also offers a “suggested groups” feature that you can find on your top navigation bar when you view Groups from your profile. Once you find groups, read their descriptions and see if the group is open to new members. You can then request to join the group by clicking on "Join" in the top right corner of the group’s page. 2. BE GENUINE & HELPFUL To build a solid reputation and real relationships, your goal should not be to sell or promote, but to be helpful. Focus on being of service by asking and answering questions and engaging with other group members.These activities result in relationships and connections that turn into sales, referrals and partnerships. 3. BE ACTIVE Being active in Facebook groups builds trust with your local virtual community. It also offers a way to help drive people to the Laundry Care Facebook page. 4. FOLLOW THE RULES In order to develop and foster a positive reputation, pay attention to each group’s rules. Many groups state specific guidelines for business posting. Be sure to keep an eye out for such statements..and follow them! 5. BE CONSISTENT! Post as often as each group allows. Ideally, post something new 2-3 times a week consistently each week. If a group limits business posts per week, 'bump' your post by adding a comment 2-3 times during the week. The goal is to have as many eyes see your posts as possible. Keep it up even if a client doesn't turn up right away! You're planting seeds and making your service known to the community.

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