Post Flyers Around Town

Posting flyers in strategic locations within your servicing area is a quick, low-cost way to spread the word about Laundry Care. Visit the Resources section of Laundry Care Connection online to find a flyer that suits your needs. You can print off black & white or full-color copies at home or local print shops such as Office Max, Staples or a UPS Store



  • College campuses

  • Community Bulletin Boards

  • Library

  • Day Care Center

  • Schools

  • Tanning/Hair/Nail Salon

  • Condo Community Lounge

  • Hotel Lobby

  • Gym/Fitness Studio Counter

  • Recreation Center

  • Doctor’s Office

  • and MORE!


Many towns and cities have ordinances restricting or outlining where flyers can be posted to prevent clutter. Some communities restrict or ban affixing flyers to city light poles. Mailboxes are especially prohibited and putting flyers up on someone's private property without permission is a no-no. Local schools and public buildings may also have policies restricting placement.

Check into your city’s laws regarding flyer posting to avoid unforeseen consequences, a fine, wasted money or even embarrassment. Also, ALWAYS, ask permission before posting in a privately owned establishment.

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