Follow-up with Past Clients

Do you follow up with new clients? If not, you could be missing out on an EASY opportunity! Sometimes people will sign-up for service with the intention of using it only once. Maybe they just needed help to catch-up on laundry or just returned from vacation. Whatever the circumstances, they needed a quick solution to get the laundry DONE.

Now that they’ve found YOU and their laundry is clean and returned, the DIRTY LAUNDRY to come is a far-off thought. But, as we know, laundry is INEVITABLE! Make that new client into a regular client by FOLLOWING UP!


A week after their pickup, contact them and let them know when you’ll be in their area again. Simply ask “WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO COME BY FOR A LAUNDRY PICKUP?”

Chances are, the dirty clothes have piled up but the client doesn’t notice this because the laundry hasn’t reached “OMG!” status yet. This is the prime time for YOU to step in and offer laundry service before it becomes a LAUNDRY EMERGENCY! You’ll be doing them a great favor!


Make following up a part of your routine with potential business clients. Having solid follow up strategies and tactics will help distinguish your city's Laundry Care branch from local competitors. This gives a distinctive edge. Make the most of your follow ups and watch clientele...and income, grow.


Keep a list of clients - both current and past. Recent clients you've serviced are available in the GO app.


Set a reminder in your phone or write it on your calendar to contact new clients a week from their last service date.


Text them, tell them when you’ll be in the area next and ask if they’d like a laundry pickup while you're there.

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