Reporting simply refers to the process of submitting Service Tickets via your online Work Desk. Each Service Ticket serves as an itemized invoice to Laundry Care for your services.  Your weekly Provider pay, as well as your clients’ invoices are calculated based on what you report.  For this reason, it’s essential to complete each Service Ticket carefully and accurately following each pickup, before the end of the day.


Service Tickets

The Service Ticket section will be what you primarily use the Work Desk for. It’s where you report the services rendered on a given day, and how we calculate your payment for the week. Each time you perform a pick up you will report it by creating a Service Ticket. (See tutorial below)

Key Points
  • Complete a Service Ticket for each pickup  

  • Service Tickets are due before delivery

  • Make sure your Tickets are accurate

  • Review submitted Tickets to ensure no technical errors occurred


Weekly pay is calculated based on the Service Tickets you’ve submitted during each pay period. Payments are issued every week via direct deposit and should be reflected on your bank account statement in 1-3 business days. Pay period begins Mondays at 12:00am EST and ends Sunday at 11:59pm EST, 


To receive 100% Provider pay for each Service Ticket, it MUST be entered on the Work Desk NO LATER THAN 1 (one) hour prior to delivery of items. We recommend that you check all your submitted service tickets on the last day of the pay cycle to ensure they are accurate. 

What you need to know:
  • Provider payments are processed on a weekly (7-day) payment cycle.


  • Payment is issued every week on Wednesday, via direct deposit.


  • Pay period begins 12:00am EST on Monday and ends on the following Sunday at 11:59pm EST


  • Depending on your banking institution’s policies, your payment will be deposited into your account in 1-3 days.


  • Times are based on EASTERN STANDARD TIME ZONE, so be sure to calculate and plan accordingly.


  • A Service Ticket for each pick-up MUST be entered NO LATER THAN 1 hour prior to delivery to receive 100% of Provider pay.



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Payment Cycle