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Enter the phone number you plan to use to conduct all Laundry Care related business in the space provided on your New Provider Checklist.  This number will be given to clients and used by Home Office to contact you via call and/ or text messaging. Many Providers choose to set up a local Google Voice phone number that rings and texts to their mobile phone.  This allows them to separate personal calls and texts from those that are Laundry Care related. A Google Voice number also allows you keep your personal number private.



Google Voice is a handy tool that helps manage calls, texts and voicemails from clients, as well as Home Office. Google Voice allows you to have a phone number specifically for your Laundry Care clients that rings directly to your cell phone. Another benefit to using this in place of your personal line is that it protects your privacy; keeping the client-provider relationship strictly business. The best feature of Google Voice?  It’s completely FREE!

Calls and texts to your Google Voice phone number can be automatically forwarded to your current mobile phone upon set up. Voicemails are also accessible through your existing mobile phone’s voicemail application.

To get a Google Voice number, you need a Gmail account.  It's best to create a Gmail address specifically for Laundry Care business.  Log into your Gmail account and follow the instructions to set up call forwarding to your mobile phone


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Your voicemail greeting should include your location’s name and a brief request to leave a detailed message. For example:


“Thank you for contacting [your city’s] branch of Laundry Care. Please leave us a detailed message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”



Google Voice has a variety of features you can customize, including email notifications, voicemail transcripts, email access to voicemail messages and automatic straight-to-voicemail forwarding during selected off hours. To experiment with some of the settings, have a friend/ family member try calling and texting your google voice number. Then, call and text them back. You'll be able to see how the different settings show up on your phone and your helper can give you the client's perspective at the same time. This will help you choose your preferred settings.  

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Depending on your wireless carrier, phone brand and mobile app, your phone may automatically default to making ALL CALLS from your google voice number.  To change this, go into your google voice app's settings. You can change it so that it will ask you which number to use every time you make a call.


If you are unable to take a call, simply turn down the volume button on your phone. This will send the caller to your Google Voicemail. If you decline, the call will default into your personal voicemail.