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Be sure to purchase an eligible item to qualify for reimbursement!  Eligible Persil ProClean products include the following Power-LIQUID products:


    ✔  Persil ProClean - Original - 100 oz 64 loads
    ✔  Persil ProClean - Original - 150 oz 96 loads
    ✔  Persil ProClean - 2-in- 1 - 100 oz 50 loads
    ✔  Persil ProClean - 2-in-1 - 150 oz 75 loads
    ✔  Persil ProClean - Intense Fresh - 100 oz 64 loads
    ✔  Persil ProClean - Intense Fresh - 150 oz 96 loads
    ✔  Persil Sensitive Skin - 100 oz 64 loads
    ✔  Persil Sensitive Skin - 150 oz 96 loads
    ✔  Persil Power Pearls - 89 oz 75 loads
    ✔  Persil Power Pearls - 59 oz 50 loads


Purchase eligible Persil ProClean products wherever available! Comparison shop or purchase at your favorite local store.  You can find eligible Persil ProClean products online or locally at:

➤   Amazon

➤   Walmart

➤   Target

➤   ...and many large grocery chains


(Note: The links above are provided as examples of online purchasing options. Purchase eligible products at ANY local or online vendor of your choice.)


1.. When Persil is purchased from a store, you will request reimbursement via the Work Desk Home Screen by completing the "Persil Reimbursement Request".

Persil Reimbursement Form

2.  Once you’ve stocked up on Persil, you’ll let us know each time you use it for a client on the corresponding Service Ticket. Use the “Detergent Identifier” field and choose the appropriate options.

3.  When you buy Persil again and submit for reimbursement, we’ll see how many bags/items you’ve processed since your last purchase and make sure that it equals how much Persil would have been used.

4.  If the number of bags processed = amount of Persil last purchased, you’ll receive a 67% reimbursement of the product's cost on your next direct deposit. Reimbursement requests must be submitted no later than 11:59pm EST on Sunday in order to receive payment on the next scheduled pay date.

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The receipt must be dated within one week of the reimbursement request and include no other additional purchases.  No other discounts/coupons can be used in addition to this reimbursement. Bottle(s) must be used to within 10 loads of being empty before 2nd reimbursement request will be paid out.


If you have questions or need any clarification please contact our Provider Support department at or at 740-973-3656.