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A huge advantage to being a Laundry Care Provider is being able to set your schedule. As we all know, sometimes things come up, vacations get scheduled or unexpected health issues arise. Here is how you can prepare for any planned or unplanned absence.



Do you have a backup Provider that can take over your regular pickup route if necessary?  If not, now is a good time to make arrangements with someone you know and trust. Get your backup Provider on board now, so you won’t have to stress and scramble should something unexpected happen. Give some thought to who would be able and willing to carry out your responsibilities with the same proficiency as you do.


You are responsible for your backup Provider, including:

  • arranging/ scheduling them as needed

  • providing them any necessary and/ or helpful information

  • submitting Service Tickets for their pickups

  • negotiating any compensation/ transaction details



For the best results and little to no service discrepancies, you need to provide your backup with information about your clients including their preferences and any specific pickup or drop off instructions, as well as a summary of your expectations for handling pickups, drop offs, processing and packaging. Taking the time to inform and prepare your backup will lead to a stress-free scenario for both of you--and maintain a positive reputation with your clients.



You will still need to submit Service Tickets for the pickups that your backup completes while you’re away. As per your contract with Laundry Care, you will be paid for services performed. In turn, you can, and should consider forming a verbal or written compensation agreement with your backup Provider.  The terms of any such agreement are up to you.



If circumstances arise which leave you unable to carry out your regular pickup schedule for two or more business days, we ask that you keep Home Office informed.  Simply fill out an Unavailability Form  with as much advance notice as possible.  This will help the Sales team and Dispatch when speaking with clients or potential clients that sign up during your absence.


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