Availability refers to the DAYS and TIMES you are able to pick-up and deliver orders in your service area. Home Office relays this information to new/potential clients so that they can decide how laundry service will fit with their schedule.  That is why it is important to always keep this information up-to-date so that clients can have realistic expectations.


Your availability should be consistent week after week, with infrequent modifications. Should you need to change any of the days/times you can email this information to our Support team at support@laundrycare.biz.  



Determine what times you can really pick up and deliver. 


Example Schedule:


Monday         8am - 12pm, 6pm - 9pm

Tuesday          --No Available Times--

Wednesday    8am - 12pm, 6pm - 9pm

Thursday         --No Available Times--

Friday            8am - 12pm, 6pm - 9pm

Saturday        10am - 12pm

Sunday          --No Available Times--


     Key Points


  • Make sure you set aside time to process the laundry you've picked up. Most providers allow a full day to wash & fold between pick-up/delivery days.

  • Choose windows of time that fit with instances when you'll already be on the road. (Example: when you go grocery shopping, take children to school, weekly appointments, etc.)

  • Commit to those days/times! Clients expect the stated pick up/delivery schedule to be accurate. Like store hours posted at a brick & mortar business, your schedule should be followed with few interruptions. 



If circumstances arise which leave you unable to carry out your regular pickup schedule for two or more business days, we ask that you keep Home Office informed.  Simply fill out an Unavailability Form with as much advance notice as possible.  This will help the Sales team and Dispatch when speaking with clients or potential clients that sign up during your absence.


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